Clea Gaultier, GeishaKyd Sticky Scissoring

Clea Gaultier, GeishaKyd

Two naughty girls, Clea Gaultier and GeishaKyd, are having fun while their boss tries to teach them how to perform their duties as cater waiters. They eventually found a location for their fuck, and when they were pussy scissoring, they realised that the extra sticky glue they had applied on their pussies was not lubrication.

Arabelle Raphael, Queenie Sateen Sneaky Voyeur Gets Caught and Fucked

Arabelle Raphael, Queenie Sateen

Arabelle Raphael, who was in a different flat, saw Queenie Sateen naked at the window and began masturbating while watching her apply oil to her large natural tits in front of the mirror. Queenie will eventually notice the other busty brunette spying on her, so it won’t take long for her to catch this cunning voyeur. Arabelle, who was embarassed, went to knock on Queenie’s door to apologise but this busty babe won’t take no for an answer; instead, she wants to fuck this little pervert.

Abigaiil Morris, Theodora Day – Tune Up, Get Down

Abigaiil Morris, Theodora Day

This vivacious brunette with pigtails is coming to pick up the car that Theodora Day’s boyfriend left at the shop of curvy female mechanic Abigaiil Morris for maintenance. The unfortunate news is that the car part is somewhat broken, and even though Theodora has no idea what this busty mechanic is describing about the problem with the vehicle, Abigaiil is pleased to point her exactly where it is.

Alexis Fawx, Destiny Cruz – Sweet As Sugar

Alexis Fawx, Destiny Cruz

Alexis Fawx and Destiny Cruz try to make an ad for an easy baking tool that you only have to point and squirt for delicious treats that can be sweet as sugar. In reality their baking tool is really tough to use and these two are more interested in licking each other than decorating cakes.

Kylie Page, Queenie Sateen – Girls’ Night In

Kylie Page, Queenie Sateen

While Kylie Page hopes to spend time with her lover, he’s much more interested in playing the video game he just purchased. Queenie Sateen, her boyfriend’s roommate, is more than eager to save the day for this busty blonde by setting up a steamy lesbian encounter while her boyfriend is ignoring Kylie.